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CC Williams

thumbnail of the CC Williams web site (link opens in a new window)

CC Williams Group is a family-owned home construction company based in Livingston, Texas. Their web site was several years old, and wasn't designed to show off each of their branches. ELF Conputer Consultants worked closely with the CC Williams team to design a site that would display all of their company information and be easy to expand as their needs grow. The underlying technologies were also updated to allow for easier maintainance of the site by the CC Williams staff without the need to hire a web programmer.

Health Tech Services

thumbnail of the Health Tech Services web site (link opens in a new window)

Health Tech Services, LLC is a firm based in Katy, Texas that specializes in bringing health care and technology together in a form that is easy to use and affordable for the average consumer. They needed a site that would provide information about their company and allow consumers to order products. They also needed this site to be developed in 3 days!

While this was a challenging task, ELF Computer Consultants was able to meet, and exceed, the needs and desires of Health Tech Services. We also completed the project on time and within budget, without sacrificing the quality of the site.

Galloping Gems

thumbnail of the Galloping Gems web site (link opens in a new window)

Sherri Kurtz, founder of Galloping Gems, initially approached ELF Computer Consultants as a replacement for her previous web hosting company. After helping her migrate her site to our servers, Sherri began reviewing the sites that we created for our other clients. She quickly discovered that her site could be made to look more professional and become more accessible if she gave it a make over.

We helped Sherri pick a color scheme and graphical design that she liked, and then began to migrate her existing site to the new design. We were also able to enhance the pictures that she uses to show off her jewelry so that they show more detail of each item. Sherri was very excited to see her new site completed, and is already seeing increased sales.

Fruin and Associates

thumbnail of the Fruin and Associates web site (link opens in a new window)

Fruin and Associates is an insurance and financial services brokerage firm located in the Houston, TX area. With so many choices in the insurance field, it is often difficult to determine which option is the best for your needs. Don Fruin, founder and president of Fruin and Associates, has always believed that service to the client is the #1 priority.

With that goal in mind, Don approached ELF Computer Consultants to create a site that presents useful information about the various options that exist today in an easy to read format. But the site is only the first step. Visitors are encouraged to call Fruin and Associates to schedule an appointment to discuss their options and determine what is best for them.

Willow Park Greens HOA

thumbnail of the Willow Park Greens HOA web site (link opens in a new window)

The Willow Park Greens subdivision in Katy, TX needed an easy, efficient and cost-effective way to communicate information between the Home Owners Association (HOA), the property management company and the residents. ELF Computer Consultants designed the site so that it can be easily maintained and expanded by the residents of the community.