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Our Services

ELF Computer Consultants provides a number of services to help your business succeed. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can put together a team to ensure that all of your projects are successful.

Web Site Design, Development and Hosting

Whether you need a simple brochure-style web site or a full on-line store with inventory management and credit card processing, we can build what you need. Our experienced graphic artists and web developers will work with you to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. We use current (yet proven) tools and techniques to ensure that your site is up and running as quickly and reliably as possible. Once your site is complete, we can also handle all of the hosting details including domain registration, web site hosting and email hosting - all at competitive prices.

Web Accessibility Training and Site Review

Millions of people in the United States alone have some form of disability that affects their daily lives and as our population ages that number will continue to grow. However, there are numerous assistive and adaptive technologies that allow people with disabilities to lead full lives, including browsing the Internet. With a screen reader or talking browser, even a person that is blind can read a web site, but only if that is built using accessible techniques. These techniques are not difficult to use, but do require some planning and forethought to implement correctly.

We at ELF Computer Consultants believe that building accessible web sites should be a top priority for any web site that is built, including ones that already are on the Internet. With an accessible web site, everyone wins! People with disabilities can access the information that you've worked hard to present, which can result in increased business opportunities. Also, nearly every search engine in the world uses an automatic browsing program (called a spider) to find and index web sites. These spiders use technology that is nearly identical to that used by screen readers and talking browsers. As such, the techniques used to make a site accessible to people with disabilities also make it easier for the search engine spiders to read your web site.

Whether you need training for your web site developers to teach them how to build an accessible web site, or would simply like for us to build or update your web site, ELF Computer Consultants can help. Please contact us for a complementary site review to help you determine whether or not your web site is accessible.

Custom Software Development

As technology continues to advance, many of our difficult or repetitive tasks can be automated by computers. This helps increase our productivity while reducing the number and frequency of errors caused by humans. At ELF Computer Consultants, we specialize in business process automation. By working with your staff, we can analyze your existing processes and find ways that computer systems can improve upon them. By either customizing off-the-shelf applications or writing custom software, we can help tailor a system to fit any size process.

Database Design

Contacts, sales leads, inventory management, branch information, music/movie/book collections - whatever your need, we can help design and build a database to efficiently store, retrieve and process your information.

Corporate Identity (a.k.a. Branding and Logos)

What do McDonalds, Starbucks, Sony, Kleenex and Nike have in common? Each of these businesses has become synonymous with the products they sell without even mentioning what they sell in their company name. By creating a solid corporate identity, your business can take its first step towards achieving this same level of brand recognition.

Corporate identity is more than just your company's logo. While your logo is an important part of your corporate identity package, you also need to consider which colors and fonts will be used, as well as how your logo should be positioned. You also need to use your corporate identity in all aspects of your business, including on your web site, letterhead, envelopes, business cards, print ads and any other marketing material that you produce. By creating a consistent image for your business, you can help your current and future customers identify your business and what you do.